So it’s been six weeks. I have been in school for six LONG weeks and after my first college exams i am finally starting to realize how much work and time college takes out of your life. I am in the library at least four times a week, and the days that i am not, i am at home in my bedroom studying. Recently, i had a talk with my brother about studying because to tell you the truth studying isn’t something i am very good at. He told me that he is always studying all day everyday. (No wonder he’s so smart!) Anyways I told him i have a problem, that i struggle with studying. I’m either listening to music or i am thinking about something else because for me it’s pretty hard to concentrate, which i need to work on. He told me no more listening to music and to learn how to concentrate. Which i have been doing, but the thing is i feel like i have no social life anymore. I am always in my books, and studying late at night and i am absolutely beat. I have no time for anything anymore and to top it off i am possibly getting my friends job because she is quitting. So than i will be even more beat ! College takes so much energy and time out of yourself and your life. (Or out of me anyways) The thing that motivated me the most this week is my first college exam. Unfortunately i didn’t pass which really made me depressed and  i thought to myself I’m not even smart but like i said earlier i talked to my brother and my dad who gave me some really good advice which i took into consideration. I thought a lot and hard this past week and came to the conclusion that you aren’t even trying ! You are doing the same exact thing as you did in high school, which was half ass all you is turn in your homework and than you bomb the tests because you didn’t study or study enough and your not going to pass, not in college you wont, i told myself. If i would have studied just a little bit harder i would have gotten a passing grade, i was one point away from passing my first exam. This experience just makes me want to try harder, to study harder and to be the most successful human being that i can be !